Growing Up.

The most beautiful thing that happened to me last  year was growing up. Well I did turn a year older but my growing up had everything to do with life experiences. I am no longer oblivious on the brevity of life. I now live as a woman on a mission to find her life purpose, […]

Being Dad

Grandpa, how did daddy become great? This is a line in Fidelity Bank’s Always Always advert, which, in my view, is one of the greatest ads ever produced for television. On occasion, Coca Cola ads come close. Very close to being awesome. Set on the backyard of a house that overlooks a river and a […]

The Next Level

Fans of the series suits watched the first half of the season come to an end as Jessica Pearson bids the firm goodbye. The episode was poignantly written, as the viewers were made privy to what led to her decision. She reflected back on why she started and realized that along the way power had […]

Broken Self

I don’t know who emasculated you. I don’t know who defined a man to you. I don’t know who hurt you in your earlier years or recently. I have no idea why you have so much anger in you. How is laying your hands on me therapy to you? Your blows leave me with scars […]

The End is Nigh.

  A random Friday night, phone in hand but not really using it. My attention is on Terrence J’s latest movie. His tenacity more than his looks got me watching this. I am being honest. A few minutes in and a message puts a halt on a funny part. A message from a friend asking […]

The Career Talk

  In this cold weather, nothing beats a Saturday morning. No work, so the natural plan is to pull over a duvet, and keep sleeping. This specific Saturday, however, I couldn’t enjoy all that despite waking up with freezing legs. I had made a commitment to attend a career seminar in the afternoon. But because […]

Woman Enough

Who is woman enough? Is it the woman who has it all going in their career? Is it the one who has a family? The one who can balance family and career? Or is it the one Lemuel’s mother described to him in proverbs 31? Woman enough can be described as many things but one […]